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  • bwin必贏學術報告會--Registration of images of different modalities in Remote Sensing





    報告一、Registration of images of different modalities in Remote Sensing

    報告人:Sequeira 教授

    Prof. Jean Sequeira was born in Marseilles (France) in 1953. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in 1977 and from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in 1979. Then, he taught Computer Science from 1979 to 1981 in an engineering school of Ivory Coast (at the ENSTP, Yamoussoukro). From 1981 to 1991, he had been the manager of projects on 3D medical imaging at the IBM Paris Scientific Center and he participated in the design of the IBM 5080 graphics workstation (1983 – Kingston, New York State). During this period, he obtained a “Docteur Ingénieur” degree (PhD) in 1982 and then a “Doctorat d’Etat” degree (Habitation to supervise PhD students) in 1987. He has been a “Full Professor” at the University of Marseilles since 1991 (since 2010, he is an “Exceptional Class Professor”). In 1994, he created a research group on “Image Analysis and Computer Graphics” and then, in 2001, he participated to create the LSIS Laboratory (Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Information et des Systèmes). He published more than 130 papers, about 40 of them in Journals, and organized International Conferences. He is in the Scientific Committee of several Journals and International Conferences and he is a IEEE “Senior Member”. He was the Scientific Director of 27 PhD research work.